Research & Development

Ancient practices with modern science.

Our team of skilled formulators use their extensive knowledge of the art and science of herbalism to develop the safest and most effective herbal products. The therapeutic activity of each herb is extensively researched, and sometimes combined with complimentary ingredients for maximum benefit.

In partnership with local naturopaths and universities, we study, test and experiment to create products featuring health-related claims that are scientifically validated.

Our partners in the lab.

We’ve enjoyed working with academic institutions in our community, such as National University of Natural Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University and Santa Clara University, on specified scientific studies and research. Expanding and sharing our technical knowledge about the medicinal properties of herbs with the science community is an important part of our mission.

The Passiflora Project

Dr. Siegward Elsas at Oregon Health & Science University’s Epilepsy Center conducted a study to test the safety and effectiveness of using Passionflower extract. Dr. Elsas collaborated with our research department; Oregon's Wild Harvest donated organic Passionflower extract and provided manufacturing expertise to assist in his project. The work has been published in the following journal:
Phytomedicine. 2010 Apr 9.
Passiflora incarnata L. (Passionflower) extracts elicit GABA currents in hippocampal neurons in vitro, and show anxiogenic and anticonvulsant
effects in vivo, varying with extraction method.

Elsas SM, Rossi DJ, Raber J, White G, Seeley CA, Gregory WL, Mohr C, Pfankuch T, Soumyanath A.

Using Molecular Phylogenetics to Authenticate the Active Fungal Ingredient used in Herbal Supplements

Oregon’s Wild Harvest research team, in partnership with a University of Santa Clara Biology student, designed a molecular phylogenetic analysis for species authentication of a commonly used fungal supplement using PCR methodologies. Our preliminary data suggests a successful and cost-effective method for DNA-based species authentication that could be used in the herbal supplement industry for other fungal and plant species that are difficult to identify.

Three Common Herbs Effective in Boosting Key Lymphocytes

In 2006, Oregon’s Wild Harvest participated in a study, The Effect of Echinacea purpurea, Astragalus membranaceus, and Glycyrrhiza glabra on Immune Cell Activation and Proliferation in Humans.