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Chocolate Elderberry Syrup
In this recipe, our R&D Scientist, Joanne Roberts, uses a unique blend of ingredients to create a flavorful and immune supporting syrup.*
Elderberry Fire Cider Recipe By Kami McBride

We are so lucky to have Herbalist, Author and Teacher, Kami McBride, back to guest write our monthly herbal recipe. Here she shares about the tradition of making Fire Cider and her own, unique twist that harnesses the immune-supporting benefits of Elderberry.
Herbal Hot Toddy Mocktail
We adapted the deliciously famous Scottish cocktail into a healthier, herbal version that warms you from the inside out. Full of herbs and spices, your body will love this supportive, seasonal beverage.*
Herbal Gummies
Making herbal gummies is a fun project and a great way to teach kids some basic herbalism techniques such as tea making. The entire project can be completed in less than an hour and your end creation will be full of nutrients and without additives that can oftentimes be found packed in to children’s products.
Lemon Balm & Charred Scallion Goddess Dressing
We love being able to collaborate with herbalist, holistic chef and author, Sarah Kate Benjamin to bring you a seasonal, functional herbal recipe starring Lemon Balm. Not only will you come away with a delicious, multi-use dressing, you will also learn more about the properties and benefits of this medicinal plant.*
Balancing Fruity Ice Cubes
A timely, simple recipe for the dog days of summer, try this refreshing and balancing herbal ice cube recipe featuring watermelon and Holy Basil. Enjoy and stay calm & cool from the inside out!*
Iced Lemon Balm & Lavender Tisane
Make this bright-flavored, hydrating iced tisane recipe and stay cool all summer while experiencing the health benefits of lemon balm and lavender.
Mother’s Day Tea Blend
Create this for yourself and make a little extra for a beloved friend.
Unforgettable Rosemary Infused Oil
Rosemary is an abundant and prolific grower, making it an accessible herb to gather for use in this dual-purpose recipe. The finished product leaves you with a tasty, herbal oil for culinary use and also a new self-care tool!
Cranberry, Pear & Rose Hip Sauce 
Give your immune system some love with this delicious recipe that is naturally packed with vitamin C, antioxidants and spice-filled, warming flavor.
Grounding Ginger Foot Bath
Step out of the cold, winter months for a moment and into this warming, ginger foot soak that utilizes five ingredients (or less)!
Restorative Herbal Winter Tea
One of our favorite winter teas utilizes milky oats, licorice and marshmallow, which are all nourishing to our systems.
Chai Honey Recipe: Instant Herbal Tea, from Kami McBride
Our friend Kami McBride shows us how to make a warming, herbal honey recipe brimming with earthy spices makes this is a cold-season staple. You can whip this up ahead of time for a convenient midday pick-me-up that will leave you feeling nourished and alert. Plus, it will keep for up to a year!
No-Fuss Astragalus Healing Lotion
Looking for an easy way to nourish dry, summer skin? We have a simple, herbal recipe to assist, which was formulated by our in-house Ayurvedic health coach and Herbalist, Joanne Roberts.
Cooling Digestive Tea
This refreshing tea blend offers a simple way to stay cool from the inside out, targeting both digestion and mood. With only four ingredients, this easy-to-make recipe balances the hot yang side of the season and keeps your digestive fire from becoming sluggish during the slow, summer months.
Gathering Bliss from Nature
Gather and create your own unique blend of aromatic herbs for an easy steam that will leave you feeling calm and connected to nature and self.
Cleansing Herbal Vinegar
Nettles are beginning to spring up in the Northwest. Whether you gather them fresh or use the dried variety, they are a perfect companion to your lighter diet or possibly a spring cleanse. This recipe is a vinegar extract of Nettles and Calendula. Vinegar is an effective way to extract and preserve many of the nutrients in Nettles, especially the minerals.
Herbal Love Bath Bomb
You can make these fun and effervescent “bombs” of love. They're a great gift for a valentine or can be a lovely gesture of self-care.
Ashwagandha Massage Oil: A New Year, A New Ritual
Using herbal massage oil is a great way to wind down before sleeping or prior to meditation, especially if you are new to meditation and find it challenging to turn off the brain after a long day. Ashwagandha oil (in a sesame oil base) is the ultimate warm herbal hug and if practiced consistently, the effects are cumulative and powerful.
Spiced Cranberry Immune Building Relish
This version of cranberry sauce is rich in microbiome-loving polyphenols and Ayurveda’s traditional immune-enhancing ingredients such as dates and honey.
Cucumber Basil Refresher
Inspired by the summer heat and several very high-yielding cucumber plants, we made this very refreshing drink using the sun tea method.